Survivors' Stories



I am a married and have two children a boy and a girl. At the age of 42yrs, I was diagnosed with a breast cancer.
My husband is fond of my breasts, and I thank God for this because it was him that discovered that something had changed on one of them. The look on his face told me everything I needed to know, as he made me feel the lump on my own breast. He was amazing, as he contacted a few people fishing for a good doctor. In three days he had found doctor with knowledge on breast cancer.

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I am a Kenyan, 44 years and married with children. Am a Bio-Medical Engineering Technologist working in Embu Provincial General Hospital. Am a breast cancer survivor.
Sometimes in November 2009, I was taking a shower in the morning when I felt a lump on my right breast. Having worked in medical field for a long time, I didn’t take this lightly. I went to the breast clinic where they took a fine needle inspiration (FNA) biopsy on the same day. The lab results came out negative and I relieved. I almost relaxed, but hardly 2 months later I noticed that the lump had gotten larger.

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