About Mercy Steps Cancer Program

Mercy Steps Cancer Program

Mercy Steps cancer Program is a Non-profit organisation, created in 2009, by Mercy C. Mbitau, mainly to help cancer victims in rural Kenya. Mercy C.Mbitau was born and raised in Kenya.


This program`s mission is to save as many lives as possible.
Our mission also includes increasing Cancer awareness through education to the rural community in Kenya.
To provide info on breast care for all women in rural Kenya.
To provide free mammograms to women in need.
To provide info on nurturing support services situated in the rural and urban Kenya.
To address cancer risk factors, concentrating on the most well-established cancer risks – smoking,drinking, obesity and physical inactivity.
To support and guide those affected by cancer and families throughout their journey with cancer.
To be able to educate and train our staff and regional health care providers.


We want to reach as many Cancer Patients and their families in the rural Kenya as possible.
Guide & aim for  best possible care today, campaign to improve care for tomorrow and diminish the need for care in the future.
We would like to be able to fund mammograms for women living in rural Kenya, and have as many join in the fight to prevent cancer deaths.
To provide free stomas for people with stomach cancer.
To provide other types of prothesis.

Our Values

As Mercy Steps Cancer Program, we are guided in our everyday work by the core values of Respect, Collaboration and Trust. Mscp has adopted these values, and has incorporated their significance and meaning with our program. This allows us to embrace not only how we wish to do our work and treat each other, but also remain focused on the ultimate end goal for us all; Quality long life for all.


Foster a culture of compassion for those affected by cancer and their families.
Support staff and volunteers so they are able to care for those in need of our help as we continue to care for each other.
We Offer Friendship, advice and also work towards giving hope and encouragement to the terminally ill and their family members.
Communicate effectively with those affected by cancer,their Families and with each other.


Work together toward a common purpose.
Increase collaboration and effective communication among staff at all levels.
Enhance awareness of our unique identity.
Foster dynamic partnerships.


Treat those we serve and each other with empathy, sensitivity and honesty.
Uphold trust and confidentiality.
Understand and value each other’s roles.
Welcome individuality, creativity and diversity of opinion.


Encourage learning, discovery and knowledge sharing.
Embrace change that promotes innovation in the field of cancer care.
Support the retention and recruitment of new members and donars.

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